Don’t break the chain

Back on the topic of productivity tools, I'd like to talk about one simple technique that can help you build and maintain healthy habits. It comes from some advice given by Jerry Seinfeld, a comedian, to a novice writer. To become a writer, you should write every day. Print out a calendar (monthly or yearly). … Continue reading Don’t break the chain


A single focus point

Easing my way back into your favourite section of my blog, today I'm going to talk about prioritising, but not as you know it.  It's no secret that we all have too many things on our minds. And, as it seems impossible to do them all one at a time, we try to combine them … Continue reading A single focus point

Tracking your self-care: there’s an app for that

It is a widely accepted truth that measuring and recording things you do improves the effectiveness of those things. Keeping a food diary can help eat healthily; tracking your exercise helps keep you on track. I have personally found that tracking things I do to look after myself helps me do them more often. Today … Continue reading Tracking your self-care: there’s an app for that