Announcing the new section: Monthly project


Regular readers might remember that I promised you a whole new category of posts on this blog. You may wonder about the delay; sadly, I’ve had to postpone the launch of the new type of content due to an illness that’s been keeping me almost fully inactive over the past week, and is only now allowing me to sit up and write for short periods. But better late than never! I am pleased to announce the launch of a new category on this blog: the monthly project.

As you may remember, I have tried to publish a weekly summary of things I’m working on, including any achievements, as well as things to work on. Over time, I have found this format is not the most helpful for me. A week is too short a time to accomplish much, insufficient to make considerable progress in any one area. Instead, I have decided to try something new: a monthly project. A month feels like a more appropriate timescale for trying out new things, attempting new ventures, and achieving new targets.

A monthly project is essentially what it says on the tin: I plan to use this as a way of exploring new activities or goals on a shorter timescale. To this end, I’ll be sharing a post on the 1st of every month to explain the upcoming project, and on one the last day of the month to share my progress. I’m hoping this will be useful to you, as I will share tools and means I’ve used to achieve my goals, as well as any pitfalls to be avoided!

As I’m launching this later than planned, my ‘month’ is going to be merely 24 days long. However, I have decided to go ahead with this, rather than delaying for a few more weeks. Perhaps a slightly shorter time period is a good opportunity to try out this new format.

The project for August: Writing 300 words every day

Writing has long been a treasured past time for me. The process of stringing words together on a page, and growing paragraph filled with meaning, is a task that has always been somewhat magical. And while I could say that I write daily, this is usually in the form of emails or reports for work. I have found is that making time to write for this blog is somewhat tricky amidst my busy schedule. But rather than abandoning the whole endeavour, I would like to find a way of writing more regularly, making time for this in my daily life.

But writing is more than just work. It can be cathartic, creative, therapeutic, and the very process of turning a blank page into a block of text can help formulate discoveries that have hitherto been out of reach. I would like to use this activity as a daily opportunity to offload my thoughts onto a page and to seek a pattern amongst my brain waves.

The daily goal of 300 comes as a balance between ambition and humility. As much as I would like to commit to a greater number, I have decided to start with a more realistic small goal. It is more important for me that I achieve the daily target than the scale of the latter. In making this a daily exercise, I would like to build a regular habit of making time to write.

In other news

I have not been idle during this blog’s hiatus. As well as developing the new category, I have set up a new way for you to interact with this blog: I am pleased to announce that Tenacious Hamster now has a Facebook page. I would like to invite you to like and share the page, and use it to discuss any posts that pique your interest.

As you may have noticed from this post, I have also made some changes to the design and layout of this blog. I hope you like it! Why not head over to the comments to let me know what you think?


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