Another week

I realise I’ve missed a couple of weeks again, and truthfully I’ve just been too busy to update! Springtime is here, and with it a myriad of things to remember, to get done, and to plan. But I’m keen to resume this weekly tradition.

What worked well

  1. This week was six months since my birthday, which was a perfect opportunity to review how I’m getting on with my goals for the year! Reviewing my goals and plans regularly helps me spend every day more purposefully. So far I’ve completed one goal, am actively working on nine more, and have started research and planning for another eleven.
  2. I have tackled some niggling tasks this week, including a trip to a large shop that always stresses me out. I feel a lot better now that these things are out of the way!
  3. I’ve made an effort to appreciate the advent of better weather as much as possible. I’ve been taking pictures of Springtime flowers and leaves, walking in the countryside, tidying up my garden, and looking ahead to Summer. This has lifted my spirits after what has felt like a long winter!

Focus for the coming week

  1. Following the six-month review above, it’s time to push ahead with those goals! I’ve made a good start so far, but now I want to step it up a notch. This week I will use the ‘next steps’ technique to plan my progress for the next month.
  2. I want to make a lot of the important tasks in my life into a regular routine to make sure they happen. I’m putting together a weekly schedule with all my recurring activities on it, and seeing if I can streamline it more.
  3. Looking ahead to the next few months, I want to utilise monthly themes more, as I haven’t really done that so far this year, and I feel that this would be a valuable tool in my arsenal. This week I want to plan out the themes for the coming months, including a plan for what I want to accomplish each month.

Ready, set, go!


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