Another week has passed

Time really does fly! April is here, and I’m not sure how that happened. I could have sworn it was January a few days ago… I’m definitely enjoying the longer days, and making sure to capture the beautiful moments of Spring.

What worked well

  1. I’ve been taking pictures of new flowers and leaves and other Springtime wonders, several times a week. It’s a great opportunity to stop and notice the little things, and to appreciate their beauty.
  2. I’ve planned out my vegetable garden for this year – I’m going to try growing courgettes, sweet peas, and mini-cucumbers. I’ve got everything I need to get planting, and look forward to starting the process in the coming weeks.
  3. I’ve completed a big project at work, and finally feel like I’ve achieved something! It’s been in the works for several months and it feels good to have it completely done and dusted.

Focus for the coming week

  1. I’m keen to finish the scheduling and planning process I started this week – it feels like there’s always one more thing to note down! I will definitely feel better once everything’s put together and I have more of a roadmap in place.
  2. While I’ve been working on tidying and decluttering my house for a while, I want to do more of a ‘Spring Clean’ this week. There are some areas I’ve been chipping away at that need to be finished, and others I’ve been hesitant to tackle. Time for a concentrated effort!
  3. This one’s just for fun: I’ve been reading a number of articles about the Japanese ‘deep breathing diet‘ – an exercise that supposedly helps you lose weight and reduce back pain through a particular breathing technique! My scientific mind has declared this to be complete rubbish, but I’m curious to see how this exercise actually feels. I’d like to try doing this every day for a week. At worst, I will have done some nice stretching!



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