Reviewing the week

You may have noticed an absence of a weekly review last week. Truth is, I’ve been feeling run down, and struggling to make progress. But this week’s gone better, and with Springtime in the air I feel more together. I’ve taken this weekend off for some good old R&R, and I’ve been able to make some progress. I’m now feeling more enthusiastic about the coming weeks!

What worked well

  1. I’m increasingly finding that Saturdays are my productive days. Getting a bit of extra sleep and downtime seems to spark productivity. Yesterday I’ve managed several good cleaning and tidying sessions. I now have an extremely tidy desk! And I feel like I’m making good progress elsewhere in the house by persisting with short regular sessions.
  2. After a few weeks of feeling disorganised, I’ve sat down and done another brain dump. I’ve written down over 100 items, organised them in categories, and highlighted a few to focus on next week. I feel so much better for it.
  3. I’ve made time to read every day this week. Little and often seems to be the name of the game – I’m finally making progress with the books on my list!

Focus for the coming week

  1. Having had a busy few weeks, I’m keen to get myself back on track. I want to re-establish my normal routines and improve my day-to-day life. To this purpose, I’m going to dedicate some time to scheduling tasks and establishing routines for the coming weeks. I’m going to figure out a method that works best for me, and hopefully streamline my life!
  2. You may remember me talking about monthly themes some time ago. I’ve been loosely following those, and I’m keen to step this up to maximise each theme’s potential. Next week, I want to write up my notes on the past themes so that I have them in one place, and plan ahead for April’s theme.
  3. Because it’s officially Springtime, I’m keen not to miss any signs of the world waking up from hibernation. Next week, I’ll be making a note of fresh colourful things I see out and about, and maybe taking some pictures.



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