An OK week

I’ve decided to move my reviews to Sunday nights, as I often manage one last push on my weekly aims over the weekend. It also seems like a better time to plan for the coming week, getting ready to hit the ground running. This week I’ve been really busy, so haven’t done much of what I planned to do.

What worked well

  1. Doing some tidying and cleaning on weekends seems to work well for me – I have more energy than I do on weeknights, and make good progress. This weekend I’ve been decluttering the bathroom, particularly throwing away any products past their best.
  2. We’re getting more daylight every day (11 hours 11 minutes 20 seconds today), and while that’s not my accomplishment by any stretch of the imagination, I’m finding that it’s making a difference to my life. I’m more energetic and motivated to get things done. It’s like I’m gathering a little momentum every day!
  3. I’ve survived February! It’s been a tough month, very busy and stressful, with little going to plan. I’ve made it through, and while I don’t feel like I got enough done, I’ve made looking after myself a priority. As a result, I feel prepared to tackle March, with lots of plans for what I’ll accomplish.

Focus for the coming week

  1. Having failed to get some nice in-depth planning done this week (for good reasons, so I’m not beating myself up about it!), I’m making this a priority for the coming week. I want to have a roadmap for the coming week, month and few months put together. I am hoping that such a plan will give more value and meaning to each day.
  2. Time to re-engage with the 100 Pushups Challenge. I’ve been forgetting to get it done, and am keen get into the habit of working on it regularly. I’ve just stuck a Post-it on my computer to remind myself to do it.
  3. As a way of having ‘quality downtime’, I’d like to spend some time on creativity or crafts this week. It’s taken a back seat recently, and I’d like to avoid abandoning it completely. I will make time for making things this week!

Feeling positive about the coming week – allons-y!


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