Another week

How has everybody’s week been? Like any week, this one had some good and some bad. Some things went to plan and some really didn’t.

What worked well

  1. This week I’ve been focusing on being kind to myself even more than usual. Sometimes this meant going to bed extra early, or taking more time over something. Or just giving myself time to sit and think about things.
  2. All this thinking has led to more writing things down! I’ve managed to find time to do the big ‘brain dump’ earlier in the week, which has helped me think about various aspects of my life and what I’m ding with each. As a result, I feel more like I know what I’m doing or planning to do in the near future.
  3. I’ve had some stressful times this week, and have managed to step back and consider the best way to respond rather than going on impulse. This has resulted in a much better outcome going forward, and also means I feel better about my ability to deal with such situations. Quite pleased 🙂

Focus for the coming week

  1. I really want to make time for reading! I haven’t been able to this week,. and I feel it’s important and helpful for me to read. I will think of ways to make reading fit into my daily routine.
  2. Following my success with the brain dump, I’m ready for the next step in ‘life planning’, as it were. This means structuring the jumbled thoughts and ideas from the brain dump and mapping out a bit of an action plan.
  3. I want to try something new: a ‘done’ list. Instead of the inevitable endless lists of things to be done, I want to keep a list of accomplishments during the week to helps keep myself motivated.

Once more with feeling!


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