Keeping up

I’ll be honest: January hasn’t been a straightforward month. The expression ‘running around like a headless chicken’ would be appropriate. I’ve also been travelling, thus interrupting my normal routine. As a result, many of my plans and goals have been slipping. It’s time to start again, smoothing out the daily bumps and working on streamlining my life.

What worked well

  1. I’ve made sure to sleep more, which has helped me restore some degree of sanity! This is definitely something to keep up over the coming weeks and months. It’s important to make sleep a priority.
  2. I’ve made more time for reading, and have read a book (Summer in Orcus) and started another one. And very very keen to keep up with my reading now that my regular routine is resumed.
  3. I’ve had some opportunities to play with my camera again, which is always nice as it’s such a natural activity for me. It’s on my list to do more of this year, especially once the weather has warmed up in spring!

Focus for the coming week

  1. I’ve been struggling to work with my weekly poems over the past month, so I won’t be selecting a new poem next week. Instead, I’ll be focusing on ones I haven’t committed to memory in January.
  2. Getting back into a routine. I’ve been all over the place in January, and it’s time for things to come down and return to some level of normality.
  3. Definitely time for making lists – I’d like to have a plan as I move forward, and don’t want to miss anything that needs taking care of. A bit of thinking time is in order.



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