Why not have a theme

Following from last week’s post on goal setting, this week I wanted to mention a way of organising your goal-setting efforts.

It can be all too tempting, when you’re inspired to make some changes to your life, to dive right into overdrive. Of course you want to get organised, get fit, change careers, do a course, improve your relationship, be more creative and read more books. And you want to get started right away.

The problem with this is that if you do tackle the full spectrum of your goals at once you can quickly become overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. Making so many changes simultaneously can be quite an overhaul.

Enter the monthly themes. I may have originally gotten this idea from Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, but I do keep seeing it pop up in various places. Simply put, you separate your aims into categories, and allocate them each to a month. You can then focus your efforts on one area at a time, trying out ways to get closer to the goal. A month is usually enough time to make some progress, as well as working out what works for you. You can then have a new routine in place that you’re comfortable with, and then be ready to tackle the next area in the coming month.

I’m not keen on planning too far in advance at the moment, so I’m only putting themes to the first six months of this year. If this works well, I can do the remaining ones later in the year.

January – Health
February – Money
March – Ventures
April – Recharge
May – Shoot
June – Words

As a bonus, or an alternative, some people prefer to have a theme for the whole year. This can be either a goal or an inspiration or a reminder, something you want to keep remembering throughout the year. A focus in all you do.

I’m trying one out this year, to see if I can have it as a ‘way of doing things’, applying it to a range of areas, but at home and at work, as well as for future planning.

My word for 2017 is ‘streamline’. Let’s see how it goes!


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