First full week back

My weekly review is later than usual, which has been the theme for this week! It’s my first full week back at work after the winter break, and wrapping my head around everything I seem to fit into a normal day has been a bit of a challenge. The fact that, in the run-up to the break, I’ve started neglecting my usual maintenance routine, has also meant that it’s that much harder to get back into the swing of things. I’m constantly playing catch-up!

Plus I’ve done something painful to my back, which has made daily activities that bit more difficult. It has highlighted the importance of keeping my plans flexible enough to accommodate unexpected changes without feeling like everything’s gone off track.

What worked well

  1. I’m really pleased to have been able to keep up with my Duolingo French course! I’m now on a 10 day streak (meaning that I’ve managed to do two mini-lessons every day for 10 days), and am hoping to carry on the same way.
  2. I’ve been doing some crochet every night! I’ve recently completed a Christmas present for a friend and it was well received, so I’m feeling more inspired to keep going.
  3. Although I haven’t been able to allocate specific time for ‘brain dumping’, I’ve managed to sit down at random times most days and jot down lists of everything on my mind that needs doing. I’m still finding this really helpful, as it helps me relax and plan ahead.

Focus for the coming week

  1. Assuming my back recovers (heat packs have been helping somewhat), I’d like to start the 100 push-up challenge yet again. I will stick a post-it on my computer to remind me, as the main issue has been me forgetting to do it!
  2. As I’m meant to be focusing on my health this month (more on that later!), I want to start keeping a food diary, to see where I can make improvements. I want to eat well to improve my overall health.
  3. I’m going to tweak my approach to decluttering by focusing on ‘active areas’ first. This means clearing out the hallways and my desk first, as these are the areas where I will most appreciate the impact of my work. Hopefully this will motivate me to do more elsewhere in the house.

Onwards to the new week!


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