Weeks are flying by

This week’s been quite stressful, with changes to the usual schedule, vet appointments, et cetera. I’m really pleased that, despite all that, I have made it through unscathed and have accomplished a lot!

What worked well

  1. Keeping calm and finding time to relax amidst a very busy time! I am very conscious of the importance of making time for myself no matter what’s going on, and I’m very pleased to have managed it this week. As a result, I’m a lot less stressed than I could have been.
  2. As a corollary, I have been sufficiently relaxed to actually keep my self-development plans in mind. For instance, I’ve signed up to Duolingo  to work a little bit on my French. The initial test suggested I’m already on Level 4, which is a nice boost.
  3. I’ve made a little time for ‘brain dumping’, which helped me worry less! This is a technique I’ll talk about in one of my Wednesday posts. It allows me to take my mind from buzzing with worries to a much more relaxed state.

Focus for the coming week

  1. The holiday season is looming, and I need to prepare! Time to sit down and plan all the presents, as well as any trips and meetups. And of course anything that needs to be polished off at work before the break.
  2. Additionally, I’d like to review my current calendar/planner system to see if I want to continue with it for next year. New Year is a time for new stationery, and I always buy a new diary around this time.
  3. I’m taking a break from watching shows in the evenings (having recently finished re-watching Gilmore Girls again), and want to avoid filling this time with mindless Internet usage. So the plan is to try and do some crochet in the evenings instead!

Let’s see how this goes!


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