Another week

This week I’ve noticed an interesting (if obvious) pattern. Whenever I’m actively doing something – work, reading, online browsing, cooking – and am in what some may call a state of flow, I feel fine and get on well with things. The moment I step back to think about things, plan something, or get things organised, I suddenly feel really overwhelmed and can’t focus. This has meant that my week has been all over the place!

This is of course something to consider in the coming week. I’m hoping to make my planning time flow a bit better to make it less stressful.

What worked well

  1. My first Wednesday post went live this week! I’ve enjoyed putting it together, and already have a list of ideas for the next few. It definitely helps to plan ahead rather than trying to write it all in one go.
  2. I’ve started thinking of ways to do more writing, and have come up with the first ‘small step’ towards this – see below.
  3. I’m really enjoying BSL classes at the moment. I sometimes find myself thinking of ways to say certain things as I go about my day. It’s a fascinating language!

Focus for the coming week

  1. I really want to start writing more, so I’m going to schedule a daily 15-minute slot for this. I expect it will take some experimenting to see what time of day and format works best for me, and I look forward to the challenge.
  2. In looking for more flow in my planning, I’d like to focus on two things: regular brainstorming sessions, and more ‘writing things down as they pop into my head so I don’t forget’. That way I hopefully shouldn’t have too many moments when I get stuck trying to remember what I’m forgetting to do.
  3. I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten really good at ignoring reminders on my phone! Time for a rethink of my reminder system – stay tuned for my top ideas. Definitely something to include in my brainstorming sessions.

Onwards to the next week!


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