Things that worked this week

An important element of managing my life is reviewing my progress on a regular basis. Hence the weekly review: in simple terms, it’s an opportunity to look over the past week and see what has worked for me and what needs tweaking.

I’ll be posting my weekly reviews on this blog, although I expect to be tweaking the format until I’ve found one that works best for me. This week, I’d like to focus on three things that have worked well and another three to focus on in the coming week.

What worked well

  1. Scheduling blog posts. I’ve found that anything I planned in advance got written and went live, which is a really good start!
  2. Making it easy to work on memorising the weekly poem. This week I printed the poem out, and placed the printout by my bed. This made it really easy to remember to spend a few minutes each night learning it, and as a result I almost have it committed to memory (there are a few lines that still elude me)!
  3. Not directly related to my 30 before 30 list, but I’m increasingly finding that setting up a reminder makes it far more likely that I’ll get something done. Whether bad memory or disorganisation is to blame, it’s a strategy that I’ll be sticking with.

Focus for the coming week

  1. Restarting the 100 pushups challenge. I’ve been forgetting to do them and missed quite a few days, so I’ll be starting from scratch next week. I guess I should set up some reminders to make sure I don’t forget!
  2. Schedule time for reading. It’s one of my aspirations to read more, and I want to try allocating a short daily timeslot to get this habit rolling.
  3. I’ve been looking for a good way to make progress with uncluttering my house. It’s a daunting task, and I often find myself too busy or tired to get anything done! I want to see if I can make some progress by starting really small – perhaps setting a timer for 30 minutes at a time and seeing where that gets me.

That’s all for this week – onwards!



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